The most ambitious internet project ever dedicated to a composer !


For the very first time on the internet, a completely trilingual website (in English, French and German) will give confirmed Wagnerians and neophytes alike direct access to all of the biographical work relating to Richard Wagner’s life. The site will cover the fascinating Wagnerian epic from the composer’s birth in 1813 in Leipzig, to the most recent production at the Bayreuth Festival

The website, which is currently under construction, is nevertheless the result of several years work. It will include Wagner’s autobiographical essays, information provided by eminent personalities of his day who knew him well, as well as the writings of contemporary biographers and specialists. It will be the most complete body of information on the composer available on the Internet.


Aside from presenting comprehensive biographical information on the composer, the site will include many articles about Wagner’s creative process written by our team of qualified volunteer authors who form our team. The articles will also cover the particularities of his literary works and compositions. The site, which will be a Virtual Museum, will also present in the coming months unpublished and specially written and directed by us, interviews and video clips of specialists and world-renowned performers, conductors, stage directors and musicologists. Their perspectives will shed light on Wagner’s work…today !





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