The musical work of Richard Wagner is made of operas or “musical dramas”, ranging from “The Fairies” (Die Feen) to “Parsifal”. Each of these major works is presented here in detail, in conjunction with a set of thematic articles, to recontextualise them in light of his  personal life as well as their social, economic and cultural historic background. This section also includes all of his musical works (operas excluded) and his literary output.

Ten questions (and ten answers!) To address (or better yet) Richard Wagner and his work

Ten questions (and ten answers!) to approach (and beyond) Richard Wagner and his work

1 – What is an opera by Richard Wagner?

2 – Clichés, prejudices, and misconceptions about Richard Wagner and his work;

3 – The word “Wagnerian” or “Wagnerian, a Wagnerian, to be Wagnerian … or not to be! ”

4 – What is the “Total Work of Art” (or Gesamtkunstwerk)? ;

5 – Overture… or prelude? ;

6 – The Wagnerian orchestra;

7 – What is a “Leitmotiv”? ;

8 – What is a Wagnerian singer?

9 – The main themes in Richard Wagner’s works;

10 – Staging of Richard Wagner’s works …

The other works

The other works:

Richard Wagner’s “Imaginary Operas”

Vocal and choral works

Orchestral works and piano music

Catalogue of Richard Wagner‘s works (WWV)

Literary works

(A selection of some prose works with a few elements of analysis)

Complete catalogue of  literary works

* (NB: Disclaimer: The title of our section freely borrows from the title of the book by Philippe Godefroid: Richard Wagner’s Imaginary Operas, Librarie Séguier, Archimbaud, which  presents the various drafts and projects of Richard Wagner’s unfinished operas).