If Wagner was the cultural and musical chronicler of his time, if he remained a revolutionary activist, he had also gone into the act of police, and if he was finally his master of Bayreuth celebrated as the one of the major artist of his At the time, the illustrious composer did not live before a man made of chair and blood, animated by passions, with a sometimes violent, sometimes facetious, and sometimes tender character.


(born on 25 September 1830 – died on 27. July 1916)

German composer, virtuoso pianist, conductor, violinist and music publisher.

Karl Klindworth was one of Franz Liszt‘s pupils and later one of his closest disciples and friends, being also on friendly terms with composer Richard Wagner, of whom he was an admirer. He was highly praised by fellow musicians, including Wagner himself and Edward Dannreuther. Among his pupils were also Hans von Bülow, Georgy Catoire, and Ethelbert Nevin.

Karl Klindworth also adopted and raised Winifred Williams (future wife of Siegfried Wagner).

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