TRISTAN AND ISOLDE (Tristan und Isolde), WWV90: VIDEOS

The musical work of Richard Wagner is composed of operas or “musical dramas” ranging from “Fairies” (Die Feen) to “Parsifal”. A detailed presentation of each of these major works is associated here with a set of thematic articles, placing them not only in the context of his personal life but also in his social, economic and cultural context. This section also includes all the musical works (excluding opera) and his literary work.


Tristan und Isolde, WWV90

Tristan and Isolde in nine highlights:


Isolde's narrative and curse

Final scene (act 1)

Prelude to act 2

Love duet (act 2)

Marke's narrative (act 2)

Prelude (act 3)

Tristan's death (act 3)

Isolde's love death (act 3)

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