An architectural masterpiece and technological prowess, innovative and revolutionary, the Bayreuth Festival Theatre inaugurated in August 1876 was designed by the composer to get staged the four operas that form the cycle of The Ring. This adventure was the result of almost twenty-five years of composition, of artistic and philosophical reflections but also of political and financial talks with the greatest people of his time. The adventure still continues to this day, the heirs of the composer succeeding one another for the better and sometimes for the worse.

CHAPTER I (before 1869)
CHAPTER II (1869-1876)
CHAPTER III (1876-1883)
CHAPTER IV (1883-1930)
CHAPTER V (1930-1944)
CHAPTER VI (1945-1966)
CHAPTER VII (1966-2008)
Annex 1 : Bayreuth ... before Richard Wagner
Annex 2 : « Next year we will do everything else »
Annex 3 : The New Bayreuth (1951) and the art of Wieland Wagner
Annex 4 : The first Bayreuth festival seen by the French
Annex 5 : Bibliography: The adventure of Bayreuth